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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  August 3, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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good day, everybody. i'm contessa brewer. we have breaking news from orlando. a florida junge stepping down from his case after he ordered casey anthony to turn herself in to a probation officer by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. a few more hours than she was originally given. last month a jury acquitted the florida mother of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. she hasn't been seen since leaving prison. this week judge strickland says anthony has to begin serving a year probation for a separate check fraud case. moments ago the department of corrections announced another deadline. >> we have told her attorneys that she needs to be here by no later than 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. if she does not check in by 10:00 tomorrow, we will notify the court. >> nbc's kerry sanders is live
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in orlando. now she's getting the demand from several different avenues get back here. what's likely to happen? >> well, it appears that her attorneys are working on many different fronts. specifically in court where they are trying to get a change to this order by judge strickland. the first thing that's taken place is judge strickland the one who said she could not have served her probation while sitting in a jail cell, i end sbd for her to serve her probation after she was released from jail. he has now been recused. he took himself out of this debate. and so it's being handed over to judge belvin perry. that's the same judge that handled the murder case. remember casey anthony was acquitted on those murder charges she felt -- we believe she left the state. there are some pictures circulating that over the weekend she was in ohio. but at the same time her attorneys are talking to the department of corrections here
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saying that they recognize that there is a standing order and that they will have to work with them if they can't get a change many the court system and bring her back. clearly they believe that judge strickland is prejudiced in this case because he has made comments about the aquill tal on those -- acquittal on those murder charges and his standing should not lead to what he called a clarification of his probation order. this is what attorney jose baez had to say about this. >> we anticipate filing more motions today. and asking for a hearing immediately on this because we have an issue of safety and the last thing we want to do is put casey in harm's way. >> the concern of safety is if casey anthony does turn herself in in this community where so many people have expressed anger and in some cases have made threats against her, the department of corrections says that they have not been notified of any specific threats. so their plan is that she has to
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turn herself in like any other former inmate would on a probation order. con tesz ya? >> kerry, thank you for the update. we'll be keeping our eye there on orlando. thank you for keeping tabs on the story. in washington, ligss who barely eked out a deal on debt are now focused on trying to manage a way to cooperate on jobs. >> it's a done deal. it's time for us to completely focus on jobs. >> now that the debt debacle with behind us. >> the yeas are 74 and the nays are 26. >> there's a new rallying cry on capitol hill. >> job creation. >> where are the jobs? >> jobs. >> jobs. >> jobs. >> jobs. jobs. jobs. jobs. you cannot say enough. >> the nation's ham strung with the unemployment rate at 9.2%. the u.s. economic growth rate has been revised down for what's left of 2011. and many other countries aren't doing much better. >> it's still a pretty ugly economy out there.
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>> while lawmakers were busy battling, unemployment rose .2%. the dow lost nearly 5%. and consumer confidence, sank 5.5 points. >> something has happened in this country that the focus is no longer on the collective american good. >> the economy is absolutely slower than we thought. in the united states i think confidence here was very damaged by this spectacle. >> we're hearing company after company saying washington created a huge mess. not going away. >> in his rose garden speech president obama spoke the word jobs nearly 11 types. >> we have workers who need jobs and a country that needs rebuilding. >> it's and invocation he'll make more as he switches to campaign mode. >> voters have chosen divided government, but they sure didn't vote for dysfunctional government. they want us to solve problems. >> let's head to the white house now. what's the president's plan to solve problems?
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>> reporter: everything old is new again, contessa. one year after recovery summary, here we are the unemployment rate is headed in the wrong direction. it ticked up .1% in june. everybody looking towards friday when the monthly unemployment rate this time for july under mixed signals an anemic economy those figures are going to be out. it's unfortunately for the americans out of work. it's unfortunately for the president and other politicians around town who sought to pivot towards jobs many times and especially if you are the leader of the free world, the president of the united states, other things tend to intercede. the president heads to chicago in anticipation of his birthday, a big event that happens tomorrow, a big 5-0 for president obama. his hometown, he has no fewer than three fundraisers tied to his birthday. the event on thursday. what does the president want to do about the economy specifically? he's continuing to urge congress
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to pass trade deals. republicans are on board with that. it seems as though they cannot get out of the hurdle with everything else that's on their plate. the president has repeatedly asked congress to extend the payroll tax cut that was part of that deal in december that he cut with mitch mcconnell to extend the bush tax cuts another two years. that was controversial. they needed to do that to avert a government shutdown. the president wants to extend payroll tax cuts those are set to expire at the end of this year. he wants to extend unemployment insurance yet again. it's been extended several times over the course of the economic downturn. >> mike, thanks for the update there from the white house. by the way, remember the argument everybody was making about the stimulus package why it was so important for the federal government to spend so much money to get people working, to get people into jobs? i mean the good news is today moody's fitch say they're not going to change our stellar credit rating but could many the future, a lot of people are concerned, states, cities concerned about what this debt
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deal does for job growth. my big question today, will the debt ceiling deal stall job growth? you can reach me on facebook. on twitter or email. let me ask that question to mayor vincent gray of washington, d.c. what impact do you think, mayor, the debt deal will have on job growth in your city? >> well, it potentially will stunt job growth. the federal government is very much a part of our presence here in the nation's capital. a huge part of our economy is the federal government and the spending associated with that. so we could actually experience a from the reduction in jobs. we have an unemployment rate of 9.5%, 9.6%. we are really quite afraid of what the impact of this deal could have on our ability to get our city working again. >> are there specific areas that you're looking at in the deal and saying this is definitely not good for the district? >> well, first of all, the issue, you know, cutting spending.
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discretionary spending. we know the discretionary spending in this city has a huge role to play in supporting some of our most vulnerable citizens. and frankly being able to get people back working again such as investments in job training. investments in howing and investments in those programs that can move people from joblessness to being able to be employed. so we're very concerned about this. we're very concerned about whether we're going to be able to make the kind of infrastructure investments that we know will benefit this city, benefit the nation and get people back to work again off the employment rolls now. >> let me ask you something, my friend doug high who is often on the program, former specks person for the rnc just emailed me and said number one, the district should be okay with the amount that people are park paying in parking tax. he said number two, if the district went forward and filed a legal suit against paying legal taxes because there is no
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representation for washington, d.c. you don't have congress people, you don't have senators representing you on capitol hill, if there's no representation there should be no taxation. if you went and filed suit there'd be a jobs boom immediately. you'd have a bunch of people rushing to d.c. if you didn't have to pay federal taxes? >> any litigation like that is going to take years to be settled. more importantly than that, we want to be treated in the district of columbia just like other people in america. we have 600,000 people who live here. we raise $5.5 billion a year to support the services in the district of columbia. we contribute about 3.6, $3.7 billion to the federal government each year. we want to be able to approve our own budget, which we can't do now. the congress has approval authority. we want to approve our own local laws. we want democracy to come to the district of columbia in the same way it comes to ter 50 states. >> regardless of if it takes longer to manage it, if you're
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concerned about long-term job growth in the district doesn't it seem like that's the logical path to take? >> we want investments frankly in the same ways that they should be made in the other cities and states across the nation. we don't want to be treated differently. we want to be able to have a voting representative in congress, we want to approve our own local laws and budget. we believe with a level playing field we would be able to have the opportunity to start to recreate jobs in this city. this city is growing we grew by 30,000 people since the last census. there are enormous opportunities here. people are beginning to invest in building buildings. >> mayor, i appreciate your time today. thank you so much. >> thank you. we're keeping our eyes now on wall street. the dow can took a big dive yesterday about 266 points. despite their being a deal on the debt ceiling, so again we're watching things today and we're down another 100 points. down below now the 12,000 mark which we were hovering around for quite some time.
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the s&p is off by ten. the nasdaq compos it is off as well. today is is the eighth strait day of worries about the economy deepening here. it looks like the institute of supply management says its index that measures the service sector of the economy grew at the slowest pace in 17 months in july. so we're keeping our eye on that and the reaction to it from our nation's leaders. andrea mitchell has an exclusive interview with house minority leader nancy pelosi today. "andrea mitchell reports" report begins in 50 minutes here on msnbc. ousted egyptian president hosni mubarak has made his first public appearance since the february uprising. he was wheeled goo court in a hospital bed to begin his trial on corruption charges. martin fletcher has more. >> reporter: the other charges are the key charges that he ordered the shooting and theed up in the killing of 850 of his own countrymen during the
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protests in january. that charge faces the death penalty if he's found guilty. those purrs of hosni mubarak arriving in the court today was just an extraordinary moment which egyptians and anybody in this part of the world had no idea could ever happen. it was a dramatic, historic moment when the former president for almost 30 years the undisputed leader of egypt, they called him the pharaoh of egypt brought in on a stretcher into a metical cage, locked in a metal cage with his two sons who are charged with him of corruption. an extraordinary scene in cairo today, con tesz ya. >> martin fletcher, thank you for the update. developing news in australia where a bizarre scene played out this morning in an exclusive sid nye suburb. police say a man entered a home and fastened an explosive device around the neck of an 18-year-old girl. threatened to blow it up. the bomb squad worked for nearly ten hours to remove the device.
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police say it was a hoax. so far they've made no arrests. it's been a mystery for nearly 40 years. who is the legendary sky jacker d.b. cooper? the fbi thinks it knows. we'll talk with the boy now a grown man who found the only piece of evidence linked to the crime. plus, a state's controversial new law about who every day, all around the world, energy is being produced to power our lives. evwhile energy developementorld, comes with some risk, north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providing decades of cleaner burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water sources within self contained well systems and using state of the art monitoring technologies, rigorous practices help ensure our operations are safe and clean for our communities and the environment we are america's natural gas.
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a lot of unanswered questions for the family of celina cass after an autopsy failed to determine what killed the is 11-year-old. her body was found in a new hampshire river on monday a week after she disappeared.
12:17 pm
her buy logical father shared his reaction with nbc news this morning. >> there's a lot of frustration. there's still answers unsolved, unanswered. of course as many answers we can get, the better off we are to settling down and getting our thoughts back together and trying to go on with our lives. >> so authorities have determined that celina's cause of death is suspicious. they're waiting on toxicology tests to show if it sheds any light on how or why she died? an oregon woman stranded for three days in the oregon national forest survived on berries and creek water. she fell off a cliff saturday. hurt her leg. officials say she tried to scoot to safety along a river bed because she couldn't walk. now she's in serious condition. friend request denied. that's what the state of missouri is saying to teachers and students. they're not allowed to be facebook friends when a new law goes into effect august 289 v 28th.
12:18 pm
missouri will be the first state in the nation to prohibit students and teachers from connections on social networking sites. why california authorities released this shocking video of jay see due guard's kidnappers trying to lure other young girls. plus a mayor's unique way of dealing with a parking problem. dealing with a parking problem. be right back. sometimes it pays to switch things up. my - what, my hair? no. car insurance. i switched to progressive and they gave me discounts for the time i spent with my old company. saved a bunch. that's a reason to switch. big savings -- it's a good look for you. [ blower whirring ] [blower stops] the safety was off. out there with a better way. now, that's progressive. ♪ [ recorded voice ] onstar. we're looking for city hall. i'm sending directions to your car.
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12:22 pm
of play time between a motherened daughter. but authorities say the woman is nancy garrido. >> i don't know anything about that camera. >> the man behind the camera is nancy's husband, phillip garrido. authorities say this is more than a dozen videos taken by the couple documenting how they tried to lure young girls into their girl. >> they could have easily assaulted the child, slammed the door and driven away. >> authorities say the videos were taken after the couple had already abducted 11-year-old jaycee dugard in 1991. they held her against her will for 18 years. phillip garrido raped her and fathered two children with her all while he was on parole. >> after being convicted he was able to manipulate psychologists and psychiatrists to do his bidding and recommend early releases on his behalf. >> prosecutors released the videos as part of their investigation into the parole system that failed to save due
12:23 pm
guard. despite numerous visits to the garrido's home. >> what does a parole agent do for his parolee? >> if you stay in this front room, i don't have to place you in restraints. >> in this video you can see how the couple tag team the parole agent harassing and distracting him as he tried to look around the property. in another video, nancy garrido acts as though she's taping her husband singing and playing guitar only to pan over to a young girl on a playground behind him. nancy garrido told investigators she made as many as 20 videos like this one for his husband so he could watch them over and over again. >> these videos can be used for a number of purposes. number one is just to enhance the feeling he has of control of power of dominance. and then again this becomes a library for him to relieve these events. lastly they're a training video where he can see what types of
12:24 pm
concepts work. >> unbelievable. a little less talking a lot more action on the part of mayor of lithuania's capital city. he got so mad about luxury cars parking in a bike lane. he got into a huge military tank and crushed a mercedes parked illegally. the video was posted on youtube. so now instead of a car blocking the bike lane there's a mangeled mess of metal blocking the bike lane. but i guess it's one way to make a statement. a peacock is now back at the central park zoo, but not before spending the day as new york tourists often do on fifth avenue. it flew the coop yesterday. took up on the ledge of a fifth avenue apartment four stories up. it's very pecks ensive, posh. bird returned to the zoo this morning at sunrise after its long night on the town. again, just like a tourist. tropical storm emily could hit the east coast by this weekend. right now an area already devastated by a natural disaster
12:25 pm
is preparing for another big hit. plus, why the debt deal is being called the pentagon's worst nightmare? absolutely chaos. hot on the web today, show me the money. topping google searches todd unclaimed money. it's unclear what's driving people to the web to find out if they have a stash awaiting them. but the state of illinois is going from town to town conducting a cash dash. an opportunity for folks to talk about searching for their money with experts. money that they may have overlooked in the past. old paychecks, refunds from paid power bills, outdated bank accounts. i can't imagine how you'd let that go. i'm pretty clear that i want my money. illinois is holding on to $1.5 billion in unclaimed cash. check that out. one of the top searches on google danica, miss patrick reportedly is contemplating a move to nascar racing for dale earnhardt junior's j.r. motor sports and a team owned by tony stewart.
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[ male i've tried it.p protect your family at but nothing's helped me beat my back pain. then i tried this. it's salonpas. this is the relief i've been looking for. salonpas has 2 powerful pain fighting ingredients that work for up to 12 hours. and my pharmacist told me it's the only otc pain patch approved for sale using the same rigorous clinical testing that's required for prescription pain medications. proven. powerful. safe. salonpas. welcome back to msnbc. i'm contessa brewer. the partial shutdown of the faa will continue for the next five
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weeks when congress returns from recess. lawmakers are at odds over cutting service at small airports. health officials are still looking for the source of a salmonella outbreak. they think it's in ground turkey. listen to this, one person has already died. 76 ors sickened. it seems like the thing you want to be sure about. a computer security firm found evidence that at least 70 government and private organizations have been hacked. experts are pointing the finger at china. and a piece of the space shuttle columbia was found in a texas lake. the water level dropped because to have drought and they found it. the shuttle broke apart in 2003 and scattered debris all over texas. are you scared now? i'm a little scared watching that. the carolina coast is watching tropical storm emily which could make landfall this weekend. the fifth named storm is expected to reach the dominican
12:31 pm
republic and haiti later today. the threat is more of a concern for haiti which of course is still recovering from last year'sth quake. the weather channel's nick walker joins me now. all right, what is emily's path at this point, nick? >> right now it's moving toward the west, contessa. we expect it to turn a bit more toward the northeast. of course, if it remains a tropical storm it would come close to the florida coastline or even the carolina coast. the jury's still out. heavy rain down to puerto rico. four to six inches could fall. flooding and mudslides a very real possibility, not only there, but over the isle of his pan yellow la including haiti. we have hundreds of thousands of people still living in tents after last year's earthquake. it could be devastating the flooding and mudslide threat there. we'll expect to see the storm move over the island tonight and then if it re-emerges on the
12:32 pm
other side, that is an if at this point, it could bomb a tropical storm after being wait a secondened considerably by the mountainous terrain here on the island. take a toward to the north and east. just how close it's going to come to the coast, hard to tell at this point. we'll keep watching this as obviously all folks here on the coastline are doing as well. >> nick, thank you. defense officials are warning this debt deal could have dire consequences for the military. it could cut as much as $900 billion from the u.s. military over ten years. worst case scenario coming in a bipartisan committee does not reach a deal in the future. in a letter defense secretary leon panetta warned if that happens it could trigger a round of dangerous across the board defense cuts that would do real damage to our security, troops and their families and our ability to protect the nation. colonel jack jacobs is a recipient of the medal of honor
12:33 pm
and an msnbc analyst. when we're talking about this, this is a real shift. it seems in the past robert gates had said we're willing to we think that there could be cuts in feng. there are places where we could consult. let's work with you. now we're getting a stark warning. >> part of the deal is that they're going to be automatic cuts. if a future deal is not reached. people not just in the pentagon but across the board in the defense department have been asked to submit what their organizations would look like with arbitrary ten, 15 and 20% cuts. this could be very dangerous for national security. >> "usa today" has broken down some of the areas that could be cut. at this point they're leaving it mostly to the pentagon to decide how to dole this out. we're looking at payments to retirees. joint strike fighters. and the size of ground forces. first of all, let's go through the retirees payments, that's not fair. >> of course, that's a deal that will be broken if you make a deal so people will get a
12:34 pm
certain amount of money they should be grandfathered. in an era where there's not enough money, at the end of the day that's not what they're going to do. they're going to cut the payments. >> what about the joint strike fighter? >> f-35 it's taken too long and it's overbudget. there's been lots of talk about cutting it. i think it's going to get cut anyway. >> we've seen in the past any time the pentagon says we don't need the money for these particular planes we see congress people up in arms because those planes are made in their districts. >> you're going to see that in this case and the case of other contracted olgss. remember this, we constantly fight the war last year. we have to think about the threats in the future. we're not going to be fighting the taliban forever. the f-35 is for fighting in the future. but you've got to make decisions today. >> in what kwlairs should the pentagon cut and save money? >> the pentagon is interesting.
12:35 pm
the pentagon itself is enormously fat. there are something like 25,000 work in the pentagon every day. if there's anything that ought to be cut it's the bureaucracy. let me tell you, they're not going to do that. they're going to cut the small force that's defending us now. they're going to make out smaller. if you think that makes us safer, you've got another thing coming. >> good to see you. there's no denying the impact the tea part had on the debt debate in washington. the real question is can they keep the party going. karen fin yi is ab msnbc analyst. and j.p. frer is a republican strategist. good to see you both. >> hey, contessa. >> how much benefit from the tea party get from its role in the debt debate? >> it's going to benefit it a great deal. just last year people were talking about how the tea party was a one trick pony and that it couldn't possibly keep it up. made it will you the 2010 elections and had a huge impact on the policy debate that just
12:36 pm
happened in congress. it really forced the senate's hand. it's been very -- it's been very helpful in pushing a lot of conservative policies. we've also seen that they're realistic enough that they are willing to compromise as long as they can get a lot of mileage out of it. >> if you look at the way the vote counts came out here, even though the tea party's the one who put this on the agenda and really drove the debate, the vote count was split in the house 76 voted yes, 34 voted no. in the senate six voted yes, eight voted no. the libertarian party came out yesterday and said look, we told you that this was going to be a problem going forward. they weren't going to play the game, karen? >> i'm not so sure that the message coming out of the last couple weeks is the tea party is willing to compromise. if you look at some of the polling going on about 66% of those who identify themselves as tea partiers actually wanted a compromise. some of the other things we're seeing is some sense of disillusionment among some tea
12:37 pm
party members who feel that the tea party movement has been crafted in washington. i think there's two parts to what we may see. part of which is going on in washington. another part of it is what's happening on the ground. i think the ames -- the iowa straw poll and what we're seeing in the presidential that's where we may see that resurgence of the tea party activism. >> obviously, you have republican politicians who feel like they might need to really consider the tea party when they're making strategy decisions. michele bachmann's already running on her no vote. she said all along i'm not going to vote to raise the debt ceiling. you have mitt romney saying he cannot support a deal. tim pawlenty against the deal. ron paul voted against it. only jon huntsman supported this agreement. j.p., how likely is it that the tea party is what drives strategy as the re-s are duking it out ahead of the primary? >> absolutely. in fact, that's why we see them
12:38 pm
twisting the wind so much trying to pretend that they don't do things while they were governor. just to get back to the point about the number of people in the tea party caucus that voted against the bill. there are a lot of people that decide not to vote against things when they know that their vote will not cause the bill to fail overall. people are released from voting on it. we've got to keep that in mind. >> if they're appealing to the tea party to get the nomination and then in the general election where in the middle of the country those independents might be very turned off by the power that the tea party has exerted in washington. >> that is exactly right. remember that at tend of the day the general election if you assume that, you know, obama will get a good percentage of the left and hover the republican is will get a good percentage of the right, then it's all about the middle and moderates. i think that's what you're seeing in romney's strategy. he knows that yes, in the primary you have got to appeal
12:39 pm
to the tea party base to some degree to get through the primaries and to do well enough in the primaries. pawlenty is hoping that tea party support will give him the bump that he needs in the early in the primary process to keep himself going. but then they all are concerned and have to be thinking about when you get to the general election. if you get to the general election how do you make that pivot? >> karen, i don't know about you, i just love j.p.'s reference to nincompoops. i think it's a word that should be used more often. >> i have to agree and it applies to a lot of people in that building behind me. >> thank you both. the pictures coming out of africa are astonishing. you've got a disaster in kenya growing by the day. somalia even worse. we'll have a live report coming up. plus why the parents of a marine are being sued over a sign supporting their son?
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obesity and high blood pressure may be partly to blame for a rise in gout cases in the u.s. over the past 20 years. boston university school of medicine looked at nearly 6,000 adults over two decades. and the prevalence of gout rose slightly during that time. gout is a type of inflammatory arthritis and affects about 4% of americans. i'm andrea mitchell. coming up next on "andrea mitchell reports," my exclusive interview today with house democratic leader nancy pelosi. after the partisan slugfest over the debt ceiling we talk about the state of politics here in washington. whether she thinks president obama gave away too much.
12:44 pm
>> i don't think so. i think the president was great. but again, what is the point of telling that what is finished on anything that happens around here, any one of us could have done it better, right? >> we'll see you in 15 minutes on "andrea mitchell reports." stay with us. in louisiana a homeowner's association is suing the parents of a u.s. marine. trying to force them to take down a son they erected to support their son's service in afghanistan. timny and jodi burr have this banner up in their yard. it has a picture of their 20-year-old son. it reads our son defends our freedom. the homeowner's association says the sign doesn't comply with the subdivision's rules. jodi burr joins me live from shreveport. this is unbelievable. were you approached by a neighbor or something like that kplining about your sign? -- complaining about your sign?
12:45 pm
>> no ma'am. we received a let for the homeowner's association itself. >> the association sends you a letter and says what? >> the letter said that we needed to remove our sign immediately. >> and did you go back and fight with the association? >> we immediately mailed them a letter expressing our position on the matter and why we weren't going to remove the sign. and we called them and let them know that the letter was there. the letters were returned to us unclaimed in a matter of weeks. >> so at this point where do you go from here? >> from here the suit is actively in the courts being filed against us. we're just awaiting to hear a court date so that we can have our time in court to are see what the judge rules on our case. >> in what way does this sign violate the rules of our housing development? >> our covenants simply state no sign on any lot in view of the public. our position is that that
12:46 pm
covenant itself along with others have been abandoned by our homeowner's association because they have failed to consistently enforce that covenant for a number of years. for four years we had an exact place supporting our son's high school that he attended. at this moment we have other signs on our lot that are in view of the public that are unmentioned by the association along with others in our neighborhood. >> do you think this is political? >> we really don't know. we've not been given a reason. there's some speculation that maybe it has something to do with size. we were initially willing to work with the association and make some adjustments to the size if that was in fact, the issue. our covenants don't state anything about size. we think it's a matter of selective enforcement. they've not given us a reason as to why our particular sign is a problem. >> kevin at this point that you're tied up in court and you've got lawyers representing you in all this, why do you feel so strongly about keeping the
12:47 pm
sign? >> because as i've said before we feel it's an infringement of our first amendment rights. we have the covenants are too restrictive. we'd like the see the community work together outside the courts rather than someone telling us what we can and cannot do. we asked for a revision. we have a right to do that and we've gone repeatedly ignored. we feel as though we need to stand up for not only ourselves and our son, and our right to have our sign, but also for the community as a whole. we're receiving a ton of support from our neighbors around us who are saying we've got to come together. this is not the only complaint against this homeowner's association board. >> somebody's complaining. if they're willing to pursue legal action. somebody's got to be in there bonnet about it. it seems like it. i wish you the best of luck. and also good luck thinking about your son, too, serving overseas. >> thank you, ma'am. meeting the new spiderman,
12:48 pm
half black, half hispanic team named miles mo ralz takes over for peter parker who was killed off in the marvel comic book "ultimate spider man." you guys might have heard this about his biracial nature. here's a new revelation it shall new spider-man may be gay. his creators have not ruled out that he or possibly another super hero might homosexual. episode one out next month. time for the "your business" swrep neuroof the week. this designer copyrighted her first cartoon character when she was just 12. 20 years later she did the same with hand painted martini glasses. her collection took off sha she licensed the brand for everything from pajamas to jewelry to towels. for more watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. [ male announcer ] this is coach parker...
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12:51 pm
we've been talking online today about what kind of impact the debt ceiling deal will have on jobs and a fragile economic recovery. we got a lot of responses here. chris shepard tweets, this debt deal is going to stunt our entire economy. we need to spend, spend, spend. not cut, cut, cut. spending equals jobs, done. bar on the fox says it's quite clear that new bee members of congress are historically
12:52 pm
ignorant of what the u.s. did to pull the country out of the great depression. hold on to your hats this is going to be a very bumpy ride. david william writes, job growth, sorry, we forgot about that part when we were negotiating this deal. oh well, maybe next year. thank you guys for emailing me. appreciate that, the messages on facebook and on twitter. and of course, you can email me about any of the stories that we covered here this hour on msnbc. a short time ago on capitol hill the senate held a hearing trying to figure out how to help respond to the drought and famine in africa. >> the response to the drought has been complicated by the continuing instability in somalia especially due to the actions of alshabab. >> kate know is in kenya. i know there are a lot of aid workers and families hoping other nations pick up the slack and start helping out. how are things developing there.
12:53 pm
what's the situation like? >> reporter: that's true. everyone we talk to says please tell our story back to america so maybe those folks on capitol hill will decide to send some more aid over here. the aid is so desperately needed i almost can't emphasize it enough. what we're seeing here is about 1200 people a day pouring in to these refugee camps in cane ya. that's about 60 miles from the somali border. it's a two to three week injury noah for most of these people. i spoke to a woman today who was surround by gunmen during the journey and repeatedly sexually assaulted in front of her children. the stories are unbelievable and heartbreak. when you see the images of so many malnourished children that's heartbreaking, too. the situation not getting any better. contessa, people will reach out and if the governments will donate more money here. they're hoping at least they can help them once they get to these
12:54 pm
camps. >> i understand the situation for those who can't escape somalia is more dire because there are insurgents blocking their way. front page story on "the new york times" was just absolutely heartbreaking. so at this point what do the aid workers know, what are journalists able to determine about what's happening there? >> reporter: it's tough to get any information out of somalia. we're only 60 miles from the border. as journal journalists it's almost impossible to go into that country safely at this point. the militant islamic group is in charge of much of southern somalia. they're not allowing aid convoys in. they're not allowing international aid groups they want to go in and provide food and water. they're only allowing a small trickle of aid. we're hearing all kinds of reports of people trying to flee the country. i talked to a man yesterday that said the group said you cannot leave your home. if you try to flee to kenya we will shoot you. that's the kind of situation
12:55 pm
these folks are in. once they're here it's not like this is heaven. it's a nice place, they're getting food and water. it's still rough living right on the edge of the desert, there are lions. it's not an easy place to live here. many people say we have nothing kate, thank you so much for covering the story. it desperately needs the attention. appreciate you joining us today. by the way the humanitarian groups have said the problem is with donations it's not like with natural disaster when all of a sudden there are hundreds of thousands of lives at risk. in this case it's a slow trickle in of news and information and so they simply haven't seen the level of donations they would with many other humanitarian crises. that wraps up this hour for me. i'll see you back here at noon eastern. we're keeping our eye on tiger woods returning to the green for the first time in nearly three months. up next "andrea mitchell reports." andrea, good to see you. good to see you, contessa. thanks.
12:56 pm
unnext. we too will keep an eye on the famine. a day after the debt deal, we'll talk exclusively with house democratic leader nancy pelosi. plus chuck today on 2012 politics as president obama hits the road to chicago right now he's out to lunch taking his budget team out for burgers. ten days to go for republicans and the iowa ames poll. and chris countries joins us on the famine crisis. "andrea mitchell reports" up next. i'm meteorologist bill karins with your business travel forecast. cooler weather and clouds today for the mid-atlantic. that will include some showers and thunderstorms. the heat continues in the middle of the country all through the deep south. incredibly hot. temperatures are going to be as warm as 99 today in atlanta. detroit, chicago, you're on the cool side. look at dallas near 110. look at dallas near 110. have a great day.
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rights now, exclusive house democratic leader nancy pelosi on the debt deal, the tea party, speaker john boehner. >> i have a good rapport with john boehner up until this. we'll see after this. president obama shifting into campaign mode with a planned bus tour touting jobs. as congress heads home to face angry voters. d it could get worse.


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